Texas Shafts’ Companywide Safety Meeting takes on a new approach.

Texas Shafts Inc., Haslet, Texas, held their bi-annual company-wide safety meeting Saturday, August 12, 2006. Attending were a total of 77 employees and several invited guests.

Gathering your company’s hard working hands for a Saturday company-wide safety meeting is not a task that is looked upon lightly. Texas Shafts, Inc. Safety Committee, inspired by the staging of ADSCs GE03 Industry in Action QA/QC Conference held in November, 2005, put together a round-robin of sorts for their employee audience. The idea was to keep it informative and fresh, while trying to reach their audience on a new and challenging level, as well as covering several topics in the time allotted.

Texas Shafts’ Safety Committee invited representatives from OSHA, Penske Truck Leasing, Texas Mutual Insurance Company, and Tri-County Electric. Once on board with the program, the round-robin agenda moved forward as intended. Each speaker gave four consecutive 25-minute presentations to a minimum of 17 participants on a rotating basis throughout the morning.

Tri-County Electric’s Benton Posey, Line Superintendent, Daniel Braddock, Lineman, and Bobby Collins, Meter Reader, not only hosted a round-table discussion on power line safety but they also orchestrated the day’s Grand-Finale by demonstrating the effects and dangers of touching equipment to power lines. This part of the program truly impressed everyone that electricity can be very dangerous and safety procedures around electricity should always be taken seriously.

OSHA Representative, Susan Monroe, M.S., CIH, took time from her busy schedule to present "What to Expect When OSHA Arrives on YOUR jobsite." Although a daunting topic, Monroe’s talk prepared those who may experience such an event with a step by step outline making a possible onsite visit a more manageable encounter.

Penske Truck Leasing’s Regional Safety Manager, Melvyn Hausenfluke, spoke on Pre-Trip Inspection and Driver Responsibilities providing a detailed outline concerning Daily Inspections and Reports. Hausenfluke stressed the rigorous safety measures that all drivers are responsible for prior to leaving for any job and hitting the open roads and highways.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company’s, Bill Cook, CSF, covered an enlightening pro-active topic on "Stretching – Benefits for the Employee’s Health Overall." Cook instructed all in attendance how to stretch properly to avoid back stress and muscle pulls prior to beginning a shift. He demonstrated how five minutes of stretching after a long drive could be invaluable to an employees’ well being.

Bringing the day to a close, Texas Shafts’ Safety Committee awarded "Safe Driver" and "6 Months Safe" stickers to an impressive list of fellow employees. the lectures, power line arcing demonstration grand-finale, and awards, Texas Shafts provided some good down-home barbeque for all, and each employee left with a personalized gift bag containing items provided by our sponsors and Texas Shafts.

In speaking to several employees and invited guests after the conclusion of Saturday’S event, the major consensus was a job well done and a lot of practical safety information was distributed. Texas Shafts’ company motto "Excellence Is Not Our Goal. It Is Our Standard" held true once again in providing a half day program focused on safety first and foremost in all situations.


Texas Shafts’ Safety Committee Members: