Meet Our Staff

Bo Walker | President | Email

mug_walkerOwner – Mr. Walker began his career as a laborer in 1984 while attending college. Upon graduation he stayed in the drilling business and continued to advance to operator, superintendent, estimator, project manager and operations manager on foundation drilling projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. The past several years in the foundation drilling industry have given him a solid background in all phases of construction, including bidding, building and supervising major projects across the Southwest. He has also managed some of the largest highway and commercial projects in the state, including the LBJ Express Project, Horseshoe Project, D/FW Airport’s Automated People Mover and the International Terminal D.

Additional certifications include:
B.S. Stephen F. Austin State University
Current Board Member for the International ADSC
Past ADSC Drilled Shaft Committee Chairman
ADSC Past President | South Central Chapter
Member, AGC Heavy Highway
Member, ACI Drilled Shaft Specification Committee

Jeremy Bridges | Project Engineer | Email

mug_jeremeyJeremy Bridges is a 2011 graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Science. During his undergraduate education, Jeremy interned with Texas Shafts where he gained experience in several aspects of Foundational Drilling from field operations to management. Upon graduation in 2011, he accepted a full time position as a Project Engineer. He is currently working toward completing the LBJ Express project in Dallas, Texas. This project includes deep cased drill shafts in restricted/limited access with a range of shaft diameters from 18”-120”. Also, in portions of the project, due to the existing grades and future excavations, the columns were drilled and formed concurrently with the drilled shafts and one continuous concrete pour was made. This required zero tolerance and became known as “drill columns”.

Qualifications include:
BS Construction | Texas A&M
AGC | Member
AIC | Associated Constructor

Brent Lawler | Operations Manager | Email

mug_brentMr. Lawler began his career in the foundation drilling industry in 1986. Starting out as a laborer and climbing through the ranks to operator, superintendent, project manager and operation manager. He is thoroughly familiar with all phases of construction including bidding, building and supervising. He has been instrumental in completing several major multimillion dollardrilled shaft projects over land and water throughout the state of Texas and abroad. He is an exceptional motivator of personnel and excels in a high production environment with schedule sensitive difficult projects.

Gregg Lopez | Estimator | Email

mug_lopezMr. Lopez started his career in 1986. While starting at the ground level of the drilling industry he continued to work his way up through various positions to operator, estimator, shop foreman and superintendent. During his many years of experience, Greg has developed extensive expertise with deep foundations including marine work, deep casing, and slurry displaced drill shafts.

Working as a superintendent on The Lake Belton Project, The Port of Houston Container Project, and Lake Lewisville Project has given him extensive experience in big barge marine projects.
Working as an operator/ superintendent in Kansas, Baltimore, and the Bahamas with RCD units has given him experience with large diameter deep drilling in hard rock.

Working as a superintendent on the Horseshoe project and Martin McDermott Bridge he has gained experience with drilling battered shafts with an oscillator, the only project that this has ever been done in the world at a 20 degree batter.

Additional Certifications include:
OSHA 10 hour and 40 hour training
Swift water rescue and certification
NCCCO Certification

Boyd Johnston | General Superintendent | Email

Boyd Johnston started in the drilling industry right after graduating high school in 1984. Started as a ground laborer working beside a drilling rig. He began operating cranes after a year and began drilling 7 months after that. He has worked all over Texas as well as Oklahoma. Boyd came to Texas Shafts in November of 2006 as a superintendent and has supervised numerous multimillion projects for Texas Shafts. In 2018 he was promoted to general superintendent to supervised operations for all ongoing projects. Throughout his career in this industry, he has become knowledgeable in deep cased foundations as well as excel in resolving day to day operations issues.

Austin Pruitt | Business Development | Email

Upon graduating college from Murray State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Engineering he moved to Texas from Kentucky to begin his career in the deep foundation industry. Since then, he has been a part of many highly recognized commercial, utility, highway and industrial projects all over Texas and Oklahoma. Over the course of his experience, he has been involved with field operations, project management, estimating and senior management. He continually works closely with clients to ensure that they get the best value and product for their specific project.

Additional Certifications include:
BS Construction Engineering | Murray State University
Current ADSC Chapter President | South Central Chapter
ADSC Secretary (Past) | South Central Chapter
AGC of Texas

Trent Southworth  | Business Development/Safety Director | Email

Mr. Southworth brings 40 years of construction experience to the Texas Shafts Team. He started his career in the site development sector as a laborer then to operator and on to superintendent over earth work & utility crews on large commercial projects. He then went into the safety & project management areas for a large site development contractor. He started and operated his own site development company until the early 2000’s.

In the early 2000’s Mr. Southworth had an opportunity to join a drilled shaft foundation company and closed his business to focus on the new endeavor.

He has over 17 years of experience in the electrical transmission and substation foundation drilling industry while serving as Vice President and partner in the company he was with previously.
His commitment to remain heavily involved in safety has been ongoing throughout his career serving as the safety director for all the companies he has been involved with for over 30 years. Developing policies, procedures and training have been at the core of his commitment to building a positive safety culture.